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website on imac

Building and maintaining a website, whether small or robust, may seem daunting. I know! It took me a long time when I built my first WordPress website years ago.

Through a lot of investigation working through the first steps, I struggled to fix things.

Because there was always something:

  • a plugin not working properly,
  • a theme blocking a functionality,
  • the site speed wasn’t fast enough,
  • compatibility issues

and the list could go on and on and on.

All I wanted was a nice and functional website, so that I could concentrate on creating and sharing content.

I looked for help, but my website and business was far too small for most web designers and web developers. So I either could give up the whole thing, or learn WordPress.

I chose the latter.

Today I enjoy working with what scared me years ago: websites, more precisely WordPress.

I’ve been through the pain for doing it yourself, so allow me to save you the hours of frustration and worry, and give your time back.


Now I am here not only to build, redesign or maintain your website, but to help you learn WordPress so that you can update and maintain your own website yourself.


  • Give tips and guidance what works in the online world and what doesn’t.
  • Based on your business needs I can advise which platform is best for your business and I’ll explain why.
  • Fix your website issues (subject to having a WordPress website) and migrate it if necessary.
  • Revitalise your online presence by updating your website design and imagery.
  • Create a website for your aesthetically pleasing and irresistible products or services that your clients will love.
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