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Things To Do Before Starting A Website

Things to do before starting a website

So finally you decided to have a website. Great! It’s a big and brave step and you can already see in your head how your website will look like. You may even start looking at themes and other websites to find out what colours and fonts you’d like to have. Alright, you’re excited, I get it. But there are much more important things to do before you build your website. In this article, we will look at the things to do before starting a website.

Have a concept

Think it over what it is you need a website for. Do you only need an online presence, hence you only need a website for marketing only? Or do you want to sell products online and you need an e-commerce website? Be clear what the purpose of your website in your business will be.

Know your target audience

Think it over who your target audience or clientele is. Who do you want to sell your products or services to and how to communicate with them?

Have a structure

Once you’ve identified your audience, think about what structure your website should have. Again, try to think with your visitor’s head. How would they navigate? What do they expect when they land on your home page?

Write the content for the different pages

Write the content for your pages in advance and don’t leave it to the last minute. The last thing you want is to have your website designed but not being able to show anything. Getting the right copy for the right pages takes time, so work on this before you start anything else.

Get ahead of the game

One way of improving your SEO is constantly adding content to your website in the form of blog posts. If you are a keen writer or have experience in blogging and think you can keep up by adding content week by week, great. However, if you just set up your website and you are new to blogging, have at least a few posts ready. Having content worked out and ready to be posted consistently in the weeks to come can help to win time whilst you prepare new content.


Once you have all this ready, I can build a highly aesthetic and functional website for you.

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