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Why Fancy Themes Can Be Tricky

Why fancy WordPress themes can be tricky

There are tons of pre-built WordPress themes out there and they are all eye-catching. Whether you need a theme for a blog/magazine, a wedding business or an e-commerce website, we are spoilt for choices.

However, before buying a fashionable and attractive theme, think it over what your website really needs rather than being charmed by the aesthetics of a pre-built theme.

Besides, it’s good to be aware what else is impacted by the theme. In this blog post I’m going to explain why fancy themes can be tricky.


Some pre-built themes may seem to be compatible at the time of purchase with what you would like to achieve. However, later on, when you need to add certain functionalities, the theme may not be compatible. If, for example, you decide later on you would like to blog in different languages, you need to add a multilingual plugin which might not be possible because of the theme you installed.

Site speed

Many pre-built WordPress themes contain dozens of JavaScript libraries, CSS and other components on every page load, and as a result your website will slow down.


Whereas fancy themes have a beautiful design and you may tweak it in terms of colours and font type, it will restrict you in design possibilities. Sometimes less is more. It’s better to choose a multi-purpose theme that allows you to customise it to your needs.

Once you have a multi-purpose theme, you can either use one of its many templates or you can start from scratch to achieve a unique design.

Not sure how to do that? I can help. Please see my packages for highly aesthetic and functional web designs.

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