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Eton Mess

A classic dessert: Eton Mess

I can’t imagine the good old English summer without Eton Mess, this classic summer dessert. It’s super easy to make and it’s absolutely delicious. You’ll only need meringue, cream and strawberries. Alright, a bit of sugar and lemon juice as well to make it taste balanced.

How to make Eton Mess?

Don’t worry, it’s very easy to make especially if you use ready made meringues. I’m sure it’s going to be one of your favourite dessert as well.


6 meringue nests
500g strawberries
50g caster sugar
juice of half a lemon
450ml double cream
1 tbs icing sugar

eton mess


Cut the strawberries in half and put them into a bowl. Sprinkle the caster sugar and squeeze the lemon over them.
Whip the cream until just short of stiff.

Break up the meringues with your hands into different pieces and place a layer into a bowl or a glass. Put a layer of cream on it and then a layer of strawberries. Depending on the size of the bowl or glass repeat the process.

Dust with icing sugar, serve and enjoy!

If you wondered about the dessert’s name…

Allegedly Eton Mess was first mentioned in the newspapers in 1893 when the dessert was served at Eton College after the cricket match against Harrow.

However, there’s a much cuter version of the story from 1920. The story goes that a pavlova was packed in a picnic basket which was to be served for the Eton boys after the cricket match. Allegedly, a labrador sat on the basket and smashed the pavlova. The boys didn’t mind and ate the dessert anyway.

Well, I leave it to you which story you believe.

eton mess



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